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I’ll leave you with Ben Fisher’s report from Villa Park. ta ra.

Still want more? I bet you do. Join Daniel Harris for West Ham’s game against Chelsea.

Full time: Aston Villa 4-0 Everton

Peep peep! Aston Villa were too good for Everton, whose collective spirits made the round trip to the basement in the course of 90 minutes. John McGinn, Douglas Luiz, Leon Bailey and John Doran scored the goals, and it could have been more.

Everton have also lost Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Alex Iwobi to what appear to be medium-term injuries. But their poor form – the last two goals were bleak – should not overshadow Villa’s impressive attacking display. They are going places. Everton looks set for another long season.

90 + 8 min: Everton substitution Tyler Onyango replaces Abdoulaye Doucoure.

90 + 4 min Free kick for Everton on the right wing. Garner overdoes it and easily claims Martinez.

90 + 3 minutes Corner to Everton. no.

90 minutes There will be nine minutes of extra time, as in the first half.

89 minutes Archer is booked for fouling Danjuma, who calmly plays a good game in a clearly lost cause. Every cloud and all that.

86 minutes Patterson is reserved for… well, who cares at this point.

85 minutes: Villa replacement Coutinho was assisted off the field. He could hardly put any weight on the ground. It looked as if Garner kneaded him in the back of his thigh.

Cameron Archer replace.

84 minutes Coutinho is in pain after a late challenge from Garner (I think). That doesn’t sound great either, and could impact a potential conversion before the end of the month.

83 minutesYou can’t beat 6-2, Rob! Simon McMahon says. “January 1, 2015 or August 30, 2019, take your pick!”

82 minutes Danjuma, whose energetic performance as a substitute is the only positive for Everton, whips another shot which deflects just wide of the far post.

80 minutes “Thanks for the match highlights from 1989 (58 minutes)!” Joe Pearson says. “Gotta love the shorts. To be fair, Villa finished runners-up that season, but still the Bombers’ offense was a bombing.”

Live matches were an event in those days and I remember that match vividly. It was the first time I became aware of the real David Platt, who was in the process of taking a shortcut from anonymity to a World Cup semi-final. That match was also when Villa’s unexpected challenge for the title started to gather momentum, as Everton were a very fanciful side.

It was another miserable target to concede. Young’s throw towards last defender Kane was intercepted by Doran, who kicked it past Kane and ran into the goal. Pickford came out and Duran coolly hit the ball in front of him with his left foot. It’s his first target for Villa.

Goal! Aston Villa 4-0 Everton (Turnover 75)

I tell you, John Doran was sensational: he scored from the first touch!

Aston Villa's John Doran scored his fourth goal.
Aston Villa’s John Doran scored his fourth goal. Photograph: Peter Chibora/Action Images/Reuters

74 minutes: Aston Villa substitution Hot Colombian teen John Doran replaces Ollie Watkins.

73 minutes McGinn contributes a great cross pass to Konsa, whose slightly heavy touch allows Danjuma to intercept. With a better touch, Konsa might have made it to the goal.

71 minutes It was a terrible day for Everton, although, as Gary Naylor said before kick-off, the next two league games – Wolves at home, Chiefs United away – should give us a better idea of ​​how upset they are. Don’t give them. The Premier League Crisis Baton™ So far, that’s what I’m saying.

68 minutes Villa have turned three in defense since Diego Carlos joined. why not.

67 minutes A deft shot from Watkins is collected by Coutinho, who fires straight at Pickford from 22.47 yards.

66 minutes The 4:30 pm match is West Ham against Chelsea. Daniel Harris has team news for that.

64 minutes: Villa triple substitution With the Conference Europa League’s midweek trip to Edinburgh in mind, Unai Emery brings in Youri Tielemans, Diego Carlos and Philippe Coutinho in place of Douglas Luiz, Leon Bailey (who looks fine) and Moussa Diaby.

62 minutes Bailey stays put after a tough but fair challenge from Tarkovsky in the area. The fact that Tarkovsky had handled the ball should, in this context, prevent any VAR interference.

61 minutes “McGinn is a seriously good player, Rob,” Simon McMahon wrote. “With all due respect to Villa – they’ve been excellent for a while now – I feel he’s still a bit under the radar, and could easily play for a ‘bigger’ club. I know the stats don’t tell the whole story, but he’s got 16 goals in 56 games for Scotland, which is a strike rate. Much better at international football than Beckham, Scholes, Gerrard, Giggs among others, and almost a match for Robson, Lampard and, in fact, Zidane.”

I agree it was underrated. I think a lot of people still see him as a footballer, which is a load of bullshit.

60 min: Good save for Martinez! Young’s deep corner is met by the unmarked Maupay, who kicks a volley from eight yards out that is superbly saved to his right by Martinez.

59 minutes Danjuma turns his back on the left but then raises his cross. He’s looked really sharp since he came.

58 minutes Now look, it could be worse.

56 min: Watkins misses a great opportunity. This can get very ugly. Diaby, who was again impressive, runs into a back defense and pulls a beautiful through ball into Watkins’ path. He fires a first-time shot across the rushing Pickford but gets too much of it and rolls wide of the far post.

56 minutes Joe Pearson says, “After that goal, today’s impostor looks like a disaster. Sorry Mary and Gary.”

Don’t forget Stephen Carr.

53 minutes Danjuma shoots wide from the edge of the area. Some Everton fans are already leaving.

Digne made a quick throw-in on the leftAnd throw it in the Everton area. It bounced awkwardly in front of Kane, whose miserable clearance attempt — a kind of half-arsed karate kick — went straight to Bailey from 12 yards out. He let the ball pass through his body and drove it through Pickford’s legs. Everton’s defense was asleep.

Goal! Aston Villa 3-0 Everton (Billy 51)

Lord, this is an awful goal to concede.

Leon Bailey of Aston Villa celebrates scoring his third goal with Moussa Diaby.
Leon Bailey of Aston Villa celebrates scoring his third goal with Moussa Diaby. Photograph: Peter Chibora/Action Images/Reuters

50 minutes Kamara’s long range shot hits Tarkovsky and goes over the bar. Before you take the corner corner, Neil Maupay replaces the injured Alex Iwobi.

49 minutes Saying yeah, Iwobi is down and seems a bit inconsolable. I think it pulled my left hamstring.

48 minutes No ru report yet. Dobbin started on the left wing for Everton, with Iwobi moving to the right.

46 minutes Peep peep! Everton starts the second half.

Half time switch for everton Young striker Louis Dupin replaces Idrissa Gaye.

First half: Aston Villa 2-0 Everton

An emphatic performance in the first half from Aston Villa, who took the lead via a shot from John McGinn and a penalty kick from Douglas Luiz. They were great. Everton – who lost Dominic Calvert-Lewin with a cheekbone injury – have not.

45 + 9 minutes And now Gueye was booked for a weak lunge on McGinn.

45 + 4 min Watkins rolls Kane, who pulls him over and gets booked.

45 + 1 min: Good save from Martinez! Patterson crosses a deft cross to Danjuma, who takes a low shot from a tight angle which deflects off Martinez and deflects into a corner kick.

45 minutes Nine minutes added. Yes.

42 minutes It’s easy to talk about Everton’s shortcomings, but Villa have played some exhilarating things. Bailey, Diaby, Denny and McCain all looked pretty sharp.

41 minutes “I feel like this is Everton’s year,” says Tony Hughes. “As a long-time Villa fan, I know very well that you can only circle around the Championship for so long before it pulls you in. You become one of those ‘three teams worse than us’. It seems inevitable for Everton.”

I think they’ll be fine if Daiki stays at the club. If Luton and Sheffield United go down – fair or not, most people think they will – Everton just need to edge out another team.

39 minutes Pau Torres misses a great chance, heading across the goal rather than towards it after another fine cross from Digne. Watkins managed to reach the ball along the far corner but was unable to convert it into the goal.

The flag was raised after the event, though I’m not sure if the offside occurred before or after Torres’ header.

37 minutes: Everton substitution Calvert-Lewin’s face began to swell after the collision with Martinez, so he was replaced by Arnott Danjuma. It is not considered a substitute for a concussion. But it appears that he caused severe damage to his cheekbones. Poor man can’t get some rest.

35 minutes It would be Villa’s eighth consecutive league win at Villa Park.

34 min: Diaby hits the post! The villa plays some sharp stuff. McGinn pulls away from Gueye on the left and releases the straddling Digne. He arched a beautiful first-time cross towards Diaby, who fired an acrobatic volley that a diving Pickford pushed into the post. This is a very good save, and it could have been a better goal.