CM2 Dongle Manager (Latest version)

CM2 Dongle Manager is a small application that helps you to update the firmware of the card on the CM2 box or dongle. It also allows you to calculate activation times on the CM2 box or dongle.

You will get my mirror link to download CM2 Dongle Manager setup file. We have shared it as a zip package, including card driver and tutorial.

Download CM2 Dongle Manager

CM2 Dongle Manager allows you to update the firmware of a CM2 Dongle card or activate a CM2 box or dongle. It also allows to read Dongle SN or username and password.

Tool name: CM2_Dongle_Manager. zip
author: Infinity Team

readme file once

[*] Take a backup: Back up your important data before using the CM2 tool. Your data will be deleted after flashing the stock firmware.

[*] requirements: It is not the crack, so you must need CM2 Box/Dongle to run the tool. Otherwise, you cannot open it.

[*] virus status: First, we scanned the utility with Kaspersky Antivirus. After that, we have uploaded it to GSM Official.

[*] credit: Full credit goes to CM2 Team. Because they have created and distributed this tool for free.

[*] how to use: We have shared a tutorial on using Card Manager. Click here to get Didactic lesson.

[*] USB driver: We have shared some USB drivers to connect your device to PC. i.e. MTK USB Driver, SPD USB Driver, Qualcomm USB Driver.

[*] More CM2 Tool Modules: We have shared some CM2 tool modules on the page. For example, CM2 MTK, CM2 MT2, CM2 SPD and CM2 SP2.