CM2 SP2 Setup File v2.14 (all version)

CM2 SP2 Module Tool helps you stock ROM on your devices powered by SpreadTrum SOC. It also allows you to remove FRP locks, screen locks, privacy locks, and fix invalid IMEI issues.

You will get the official link to download the CM2 SP2 tool on the current page. We have shared it as a zip package, including SPD USB Driver and Tutorial.


Download CM2 SP2 module setup file (all versions)

CM2 SP2 Module allows you to install a PAC or XML ROM flash file on your SpreadTrum based Smartphone and Tablet.

v2.01: | AFH | GDrive

v2.02: | AFH | GDrive

v2.03: | AFH | GDrive

v2.04: | AFH | GDrive

v2.05: | AFH | GDrive

v2.06: | AFH | GDrive

v2.07: | AFH | GDrive

v2.08: | AFH | GDrive

v2.09: | AFH | GDrive

v2.10: | AFH | GDrive

v2.11: | AFH | GDrive

v2.12: | AFH | GDrive

v2.13: | AFH | GDrive

v2.14: | AFH | GDrive – Latest

how to use?

  1. First, download and install the CM2 SP2 Module Tool on your computer.

  2. Secondly, install the SPD USB driver on your computer. Otherwise, the SPD never detects your mobile device.

  3. Write Firmware: Open the tool > go to the Flasher tab > then choose the stock ROM > now click on Flash > connect your device to Flash mode.
  4. FRP Lock Reset: Open the tool > go to the Service tab > then click on Format FS > connect your device to flash mode.
  5. Reset screen locks: Open the tool > go to the Service tab > then click on Format FS > connect your device to flash mode.
  6. Reset privacy lock: Open the tool > Go to User Data tab > Click Reset Privacy Lock > Connect your device to flash mode.

Read me once

[*] Take a backup: Please take a full backup of your data from the device. Because after installing stock ROM with CM2 SP2 module tool you will erase your data.

[*] requirements: It is not a jailbreak tool, so you must need a CM2 box/dongle to run the tool. Otherwise, you cannot open this tool.

[*] virus status: First, we scanned the utility with Kaspersky Antivirus. After that, we have uploaded it to GSM Official.

[*] Password extraction: If the setup file needs a password to extract it. Then use 12345678 as a decompress password.

[*] USB driver: We have shared some USB drivers to connect your device to PC. i.e. SPD USB Driver and ADB Driver.

[*] More CM2 Tool Modules: We have shared some of our CM2 tool modules on the current page. ie CM2 MT2, CM2 MTK, CM2 LGs, CM2 SCR and CM2 QLM.