Eminem & LL COOL J Link-Up leaves Questlove scratching his head

Eminem and LL COOL J have been linked, and LL’s tour mate Questlove was feeling a little FOMO as a result.

Before performing the FORCE Tour in Em’s hometown of Detroit on Friday (August 18), the “Headsprung” rapper and Slim Shady snapped a few photos outside Little Caesar’s Arena, where LL also told fans they can enter to win free tickets to the show if they stop by Mom’s Spaghetti. Eminem’s Restaurant, and they mentioned “FORCE” on their purchase.

“When legends hit town, you know they always work!” Read the caption on the Rock The Bells Instagram page. “@llcoolj and Eminem hook up ahead of tonight’s FORCE tour in Detroit and the pictures say it all! Head over to RockTheBells.com (link in bio) to read/see more! ⁠”

That prompted LL COOL J’s tour mate, Questlove, to ask a burning question in the comments section. “Damn it son why didn’t he stop? Should have shook us!” he wrote.

Although Eminem didn’t “shine” at the performance, LL COOL J and The Roots’ Detroit concert was still packed with buzz as Common, Ice-T, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and MC Lyte made guest appearances, according to the report. Detroit Free Press.

Rap God and self-proclaimed GOAT have become close friends over the years, with Slim Shady revealing back in 2021 that Uncle L has fulfilled his childhood wish by gifting him some coveted jewelry.

During that behind the music episode on Paramount+, Eminem reflected on LL COOL J’s famous golden chord chains “IM bad” Video and how a conversation with Rick Rubin led to him getting his hands on his own collection.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted a chain,” he said. “I was recording with Rick Rubin and I was like, ‘Yo, can you ask LL where he got his chains from?'” So he made it and sent it to me.

Eminem, Nas, and more will be featured on the new LL COOL J. album

Eminem, Nas, and more will be featured on the new LL COOL J. album

He added, “He was the first rock star to rap. I’m like, ‘You, I wanted that. ‘ That’s what made me really want to rap.”

Em and LL also took to the stage together during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s induction ceremony in 2021, as they joined forces to perform his classic 1985 hit “Rock the Bells.”

“It was such an honor, 16yo Marshall is so proud—congratulations L!” Eminem wrote on Twitter about the moment that hit me.