New Orleans Saints vs. Los Angeles Chargers | 2023 NFL Preseason Week 2

New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen

“We’ve done some good things. It’s nice to see that [Saints RB] Kendrick Miller plays a married couple. On the descent, it was a good road and a good reception to ourselves on the field, which was nice to see.

“The three points defensively was a positive, but I didn’t like the penalties. It was just too much. That’s something we have to clean up. I didn’t like playing fourth and twenty-third at the end of the game that should be better. You can’t let someone do that.

“I don’t like the fact that we let our quarterback run so much. He had about 120 yards rushing and 67 was from quarterback scrambling, which needs to be cleaned up. We won the game and I’m happy about that, but there’s a lot that needs to be cleaned up.”

On why joint practices with Texas were canceled:
“A lot of guys got injured in the last week and they weren’t sure we’d be able to do productive joint training. We thought it best to go ahead and cancel it and just play the game. Sometimes these things happen, and we were okay with that. We’ll work on our own and have a lot to focus on, Lots of improvements to be made.”

On performing a starting defense:
“It was very good. The Chargers had one drive where they were only able to move the ball a little bit. Overall, it was a very solid performance by that group.”

About what he’s seen of LB Jaylon Smith:
“He did one stint on third down to tight end. It was man-to-man coverage there, so that’s the play that stands out to me a little bit. We’ll go back and look at the tape to see exactly how he played but it seemed like he was flying all over there, and it was fun to watch.” “.

On de Peyton Turner’s forced fumbles and his overall performance in training camp:
“These are the things we saw him do in training camp and why we recruited him like we did. This is a kid with a lot of injuries, which forced him to miss a lot of time. So, he lost a lot of development. It was an unfair assessment of a player up to this point, But I think he had a good camp and made some great plays today.”

When describing the last 36 hours or so with the hurricane and earthquake:
“I was waiting for officials to come and meet us. We have a hurricane coming in and then my phone was going off because there was an earthquake emergency. Officials came in and said it was technically an outdoor stadium, so if there was lightning, we might have a lightning delay.

“There’s been a lot of thinking done this week, in terms of productivity of what we’ve been able to achieve in combined training and then being able to play the game. I’m ready to try and go home and get ready to go back to the Dome next week.”

On RB Kendre Miller’s performance:
“He’s definitely getting better at all of those things. He had good pass protection playing the other day of training as well. Every day he just keeps getting a little better. Obviously, we have to keep him healthy and he stays there getting those reps. You can see his level.” Talent. He’s a talented player and we’re really excited about him.”

On WR Shaq Davis’ performance today:
“Unfortunate he got contact again, but it was good to see him. He’s such a big, tall receiver and he’s going to need to be his world wide. He has to play his world big and be able to make contested catches. It was good to see him when he does that.” .

On QB Jake Haener Had to Leave for Some Plays:
“The spotters were upstairs. It was either them or the officials on the field. I didn’t get an explanation for it, but I knew what they were taking him out for. We had him evaluated by our doctors and they went through the whole protocol and said he was clearly in play so he went back to there “.

On TE Jimmy Graham:
“Jimmy is with us. He’s healthy and will have more tests. He’s a little shaky, but overall he’s fine.”

In conversation with Saints DE Isaiah Foskey after Chargers QB Easton Stick run:
“That was a play he should have been able to finish and make the play. I expressed to him that I expected him to be able to do that play. That’s why we drafted him. Now that being said, I’ve seen some improvement from that player. I’ve seen him chop things off.” A little bit. I hold him to this standard expectation that he should have made this play.”

On De Nico Lalos:
“He’s a hard-working guy who was on the practice squad last year. He played in the XFL this year, and it’s been a good experience for him to get out and play. He’s been putting some good stuff on tape. It’s a position that we’re deep in, so there’s a lot of competition out there.” We’ll evaluate where that bar is, but he did some good stuff tonight.”

On OL Calvin Throckmorton:
He left the match with a rib injury.

On cleaning penalties:
“Pre-snap penalties can’t happen, it was a complete lack of focus. That has to be cleaned up. You have to look at the tape and determine from a technical point of view what you could have done better technically and put yourself in a better position, specifically in Some outstanding calls. From my point of view, I don’t think they were all holding, but the flag is down. We’ll have to look at it and see what we can do better.”

On two offensive passes interfered in a three-play period:
“On that particular play, he was going down a slightly diagonal run and he kind of got hit by a defensive back. The officiant explained to me that he thought he wasn’t really going down the road. We’ll look at the technique there, but all of those moments are teachable. That’s part of what it’s about. pre-season”.

In the biggest takeaways from this time here with the team:
“We have a very good team. Now we have to step up and prove it on a weekly basis. I like the way this team comes together and the way they work. I like the way they come together as a team… It’s been fun to watch.”