Nokia HMD DeviceKit (Latest version)

Nokia HMD DeviceKit is the official Nokia flash tool. Helps reset FRP and screen locks on Nokia HMD devices. It also helps to install stock ROM, unlock bootloader, unlock regional network lock (SIM lock).

On the present page, you will find the direct method to get Nokia DeviceKit for Windows. We have shared it as a zip package including the necessary USB driver.

Nokia HMD DeviceKit

Download the Nokia HMD DeviceKit for Windows

HMD DeviceKit allows flashing stock ROM and unlocking Screen/FRP/SIM/Bootloader lock. Use any matching link to get it.

Tool name: HMD_DeviceKit. zip
author: HMD Global

how to use?

  1. First, download HMD DeviceKit Tool on your computer.

  2. Install the necessary USB driver on your computer.

  3. Now, launch the DeviceKit tool.

  4. FRP Lock Reset: Connect your device to Fastboot Mode > Click on Scan FRP.
  5. Reset screen lock: Connect your device to Fastboot mode > tap Factory reset.
  6. Unlock the bootloader: Connect your device to Fastboot mode > click on Lock Bootloader.
  7. SIM Unlock: Connect your device to Fastboot mode > tap Lock/Unlock SIM.

Read me once

[*] recommend: We always recommend using the latest version of HMD DeviceKit.

[*] to survey: This tool does not contain malware. Because the multi virus detection engine scanned it before uploading it to GSM Official.

[*] Credits: Full credit goes to HMD Global. Because they have created and distributed this tool for free.

[*] USB driver: We have shared the necessary USB driver on this page. Such as Fastboot Driver, Qualcomm Driver and MTK Driver.

[*] Alternative tool: We have shared alternative tools to the current ones on this page. Any Nokia OST tool.